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Gay Virgo Astrology Profile

Gay Virgo Astrology Profile

The Gay Virgo: A man-goddess of course.

Virgo, virginal?  Hardly, sister.  Don't sweat it...  If anybody calls you a prude, they're just jealous because your sweet, svelte, impeccably groomed self is the kind of perfection generally limited to the covers of Men's Fitness.  Though that said, you do have the special claim of being the one and only female sign of the zodiac (that's right, even the goats are men), so you radiate a special kind of energy that has been worshipped since the beginning of human civilization.  What does that make you?  Why, a man-goddess of course.  Try not to blush, modest Virgo.  Everybody knows it's the girls who get things done in this world. 

At home or in the office, you get the important jobs because you have a proven ability to carry the day on a timetable and a budget.  It's about detail orientation.  You understand the the importance of the small things, be they typos or a questionable shoe-belt combination.  This can get you into trouble if you go to a friend's house for dinner and end up giving his apartment the white glove treatment.  It's not that you judge the slobs that surround you-- well, you do, a little.  You can't help it!  Tell your friends to blame it on the stars and be grateful that they have somebody around who cares enough to wipe the snot off their noses and make sure their ear hair doesn't get too unsightly.

When it comes to voyeurism, you reject the flashier elements of gaydom.  You won't be the queen leading the parade in a pink feather head dress and sequined thong, but maybe you're the thoughtful character who ran around with a clipboard putting the whole outfit together.  Where would the family be without you?  Some would call you reserved because you don't participate in the more demeaning rituals of human bonding, but you're hardly aloof. 

Ruled by Mercury, Virgos understand the importance of communication.  It's not the gift of gab we're talking about.  It's the transmission of information that concerns you most.  You're one of the smarter signs on the zodiac and luckily you have the verbal skills to let everybody know what you're thinker's been thunking up.  You're sharp and witty and usually you use these powers for good, to help out those you care for and make sure they understand the importance of having their feet planted firmly on the ground.  When it comes to doling out advice, you are the change you wish to see in the world.

As for health, you understand the body-as-temple thing better than any other sign.  That perfect complexion and god-like physique won't take care of themselves-- gotta protect the goods!  This serves you well in our all too superficial world.  But you like to keep things running smoothly on the inside and out.  You know that looking good is about having that inner-sexy that comes from being healthy and centered.  You might spend a lot of recreation time on the field, playing some team sport (mandatory boys-in-jersey joke here), but if nothing else you do justice to the money you plunked down for that lifetime gym membership.  Virgos also understand that performance is based on how the machine is fueled.  You take your vitamins, just like mom told you to, and splurge for organic whenever it's available.

Gosh you're handy!  Even if teaching isn't your profession, people are as naturally inclined to learn from your healthy, efficient ways as you are to listen to their problems.  That, and you have a great sense of humor.  But be careful-- Virgo's downfall is helping others so much that he wears himself down.  Remember that service to others starts with a strong sense of self.

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top guy
I'm a Pisces / rat I found a Virgo /snake. OMG, He is awesome. I don't know what he see in me, I'm just glad its there. He is much younger then me and o so feminine. It was love at first sight, and our love just gets stronger every day. the Pisces / Virgo relationship is wonderful and the chemistry is beautiful. The profile here is spot on except for the fact he is not at all organized or very frugal, I guess that will come with age maybe. I have dated and been in a lot of relationships but none have ever been a blissful and loving as what I have found in him. All I can say here is if your an unhappy Virgo seek out a Pisces, let the sun shine and the flowers grow baby.
#113 - Larry - 11/26/2015 - 17:04
I\'m a Pisces/rat, I found a Virgo/snake, OMG he is awesome. I never understood what he sees in me I\'m just glad its there whatever it is. I now believe in love at first sight. He is much younger then me and very feminine and loving. This profile is spot on except for the fact he is not at all organized. He is beautiful mind and body. The Pisces/Virgo relationship is wonderful. And the chemistry is unbelievable.
#112 - Larry - 11/26/2015 - 15:37
"Don't believe everything you read!"
@RC: You're more on point than you know. Major publishing sites have a habit of overgeneralizing characteristics of people with the same sun sign. They make people believe that they're all alike those descriptions, and it's a crock!

With Virgo especially, they love maligning Virgos by writing badly about them. In comparison to all the other zodiac signs they have no personality in their view. They say stuff like they're one big virtual filing cabinet, full of OCD behaviors... There are reasons why there are atypical Virgos who don't fit their mold. I could go on about this topic in depth.

#111 - Virgo29 - 06/13/2014 - 19:54
Don't believe everything you read!
I\'m a pretty atypical Virgo in that I am not a neat fanatic. I don\'t like clutter, but sometimes can\'t seem to avoid it in my life. I consider my messes to be organized messes. I don\'t think of myself as aloof, but have been called, \"unapproachable\" once or twice. I can be critical, but no more critical than I am about myself. But I know when to turn that off. I have been involved with a Scorpio, who adored me and thought that I was special. Unfortunately, I didn\'t reciprocate those feelings when it all said and done. I\'ve also been involved with a Libra, who was well on his way to owning my heart, but couldn\'t make up his mind about who or what he was. He was a good-looking, charming and elusive creature that I could never quite get a handle on, try as I might. That boy REALLY disappointed and hurt me. He ran off and before too long, married a WOMAN. So, I have no love for Libras. They\'re too damn wishy-washy.

I\'m also NOT much of a health nut. I love to eat and I\'ve barely seen the inside of a gym. Subsequently, I have a few extra pounds on me. But I\'m smart, I have a good heart and people love me, once they get to know me, which isn\'t as difficult as it may seem. Virgos are very warm people.
#110 - RC - 03/25/2014 - 20:13
I am Hispanic attractive to White man is younger than me was at gay Meeting,I saw him one time. I was born 9-12-51. 12 pm.
#109 - Ramon Bellido - 03/18/2014 - 17:02
On Point !
Found it interesting and surprisingly close to my true personality. It's hell for anybody that wants to have a shot with me because I'm so picky when it comes to dating. Good looks, smarts, must have a love for animals, great hygiene, be hairy and in a sense my opposite.
If he fails to have any of these traits, he's walking the plank. I don't think it's a bad thing to have standards and personally, I find them achievable .
If this person can calm me down at my most panicked moment (Virgo's get this), it might be a true match!
#108 - Kenziah Rubens - 10/15/2013 - 19:07
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