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Gay Scorpio Astrology Profile

Gay Scorpio Astrology Profile

The Gay Scorpio: Whatever You Can Hold Between Your Pincers.

When they were passing out power, Scorpio, you didn’t have to butt in line-the other signs scurried out of your way, intimidated and intrigued by your pronounced stinger. A born man-trap, you irradiate energy like a live electrical wire, stunning all who cross your path.

Not that you don’t have a softer side for those lucky enough to be permitted to see it. As a Water sign, your inner world is often a turbulent whirlpool of emotions frothing just beneath the surface. Your fixed quality keeps it well under wraps, though, and only those closest to you ever glimpse so much as a chink in your armor.

Others find you fascinating, but you often feel the need to stay aloof, not because you enjoy solitude, but because your standards are high. Dark places are your playground, and you enjoy being the shocking surprise in the corner.

Those who do get invited into your lair will find a your place a neatly organized headquarters for your quest of world domination-woe to the guest who unwittingly rearranges your DVD collection or replaces a hand-towel on the wrong bar. Scorpios are known to have a streak of the freak: neat-freak, control-freak, and downright freak-y in the dungeon.

You’ll often resist change, but transformation is frequently quite good for you. Scorpios thrive on new challenges and settings, despite an affinity for known routines and surroundings. Similarly, despite your fiery libido and the welcome you receive in many beds, your sense of stability craves a lover worthy of your loyalty.

A master strategist, you are all about cutting the lag time between desire and fulfillment. Your prey barely has time to struggle before being devoured. Once you’ve made him yours, you aren’t one to take straying lightly…you keep a secret cabinet full of exotic devices to punish cheating hearts and their other parts.

Jealousy is too petty a word. What you feel when your territory is invaded is nothing less than rage at the affront. After all, you are no one to be trifled with. Your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto, two of the manliest Greek gods and also the most dangerous. Despite your fierceness and love of battle, Scorpio, you have deep pockets of compassion and often aim your weapon at the forces of injustice on behalf of the helpless.

A warrior in the boardroom as in the bedroom, it’s a rare Scorpio who finds success to be elusive. Once you fixate on the object of your obsession, no wise creature interferes with your plans, and you generally rise to whatever heights your fancy drives you to. A penchant for healing and stoic endurance has a brought a great number of you to the medical field and caretaking positions.

Your refined, classic tastes are evident in your style and abode. Conservative with expenditures (some would say tight with the checkbook), you enjoy the finer things in life, and rarely cheat yourself when it comes to clothing or décor. Money is power, so you like to keep a tidy bundle of it around, but you’ll pick up the tab and dinner and even fight for the right.

Your tongue is often too sharp for the unwary, and Scorpios are possessed with a biting wit that often injures unintentionally. This creates some distance between you and those who feel it might be safer to worship you from afar.

You laugh at pain, so are likelier than other signs to be pierced and sport elaborate murals of ink on your skin. You also have a reputation for kinkiness and for being a tasteful yet harsh dominant…your urge is not to punish so much as to control. A bevy of willing slaves will turn up for your tender whip, but you have particular tastes, and only the most intriguing victims are chosen for a night of dark delights.

Like all Scorpios, you are deeply individualistic, prizing your uniqueness and fend off any outside attempts to redefine your identity. The crowd follows you, not the other way around. All this attention gets to you sometimes, as you treasure your privacy, so it’s not at all unknown for Scorpios to lead a double life.

You sometimes like to slip away to a lightly populated white-sand beach (preferably clothing optional) to be alone with your thoughts or your current lucky conquest. Bathed in moonlight and just barely out of sight is the mood that gets you worked up; Scorpio is the quintessential creature of the night.

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Scorpio as powers
Yes it is true that brawn wise Aries and Leo , Sag can be a hard act to beat. But really the power of water is just not understood by a lot of people. Scorpio is annoyingly obsessed with sexuality issues and often emerges from a childhood full of abuse histories nd yes this is a challenge. for them and all they intimate with for sure. However the power of Scorpio is it's ability to be drawn to fates. Aries stumble fight and bigot thier way through much of life. Wanting everythign to be rather thier way or the highway. Most people can not stand Aries. And as sad as Scorpios histories can be and moods and how gorpy emotions can be to entertain they often emerge as more interesting people. Why? Because fire burns out. Water just goes on longer. Their character may be replete with drama and sex hysteria but there is a venom that can really kill people and their path if they cross them. Be careful of Scorpios they are liars and saints all in one. It is a creepy thing being close to them or friends with them. But really Aries are just so self centered and childish and just a lot of work. There often is not much reward. While with Scorps they can really be the best allies to have in the ups and downs in life. Aries run away from a lot of responsibility especially emotionally. Which is where commitment really starts and ends. With the emotions.
#99 - Mmmbob - 01/01/2016 - 11:33
Really Exaggerated & Over-the-Top...
It's funny how with certain signs such as Scorpio, that certain traits or characteristics are overly exaggerated, made grandiose, and over-the-top in descriptions about them and there actually isn't as much insight or depth in this description as some would like to think.

Before everyone glorifies, pats themselves on the back, or even demonizes the Scorpio, there really needs to be some perspective and reality and groundedness placed on what's said.

The truth is that Scorpios and people under this sign are no more special, deep, complicated, sexy, soulful, destructive, jealous, possessive, powerful, weak, emotional, good, bad, and everything in between, etc. than any other sign or person.

ALL signs and ALL people are complex and multidimensional. People, no matter their sign, are complicated and ever changing, and there are so many factors to what makes a person tick. We're all a mixture of so many things, and we're never just one thing or one way at any given point, and any given point you could feel or behave at opposing odds.

I've known some fairly deep Scorpios and I've known some fairly shallow Scorpios. I've known some deep Scorpios who were more introverted and reserved, and I've known some who were more open and will talk your ear off and share things with you that you almost wish they hadn't and you could even care less about.

I've known some who were fairly shallow and at the same time, fairly introverted and reserved, as well as shallow ones who were more readily open and sociable.

There are some who claim to be strong and honest, and believe in sharing their "truth or honesty no matter how it comes across" while at the same time not being able to take it when it's given to them, and who fall apart and/or become defensive or reactionary.

There are also those who mean what they say and say what they mean and really prove and demonstrate otherwise.

There are those who you can rely on and those you can't, but bear in mind all of these people and situations also aren't fixed or rigid. So, depending on the situation or circumstance, the person or group they're around, etc. they can display opposing or other traits and behaviors. No one permanently behaves one way at all times. We're mutable.

I've experienced these same things from myself and others as well. They go for ALL signs and ALL people. It's called life.
#98 - FnA - 12/05/2014 - 11:50
Nah, bucky. Mr. Centaur with its far-shooting arrows could defeat a lion anyday. ;-)

#97 - YenYen - 09/09/2014 - 08:00
Leo is actually the Sun sign with all the power!
Lol...gotta love the typical Scorpio overrating. You guys do know that a scorpion is just a lobster or spider with a stinger, right? And can be defeated by a mere broom? A lion on the other hand, cannot. And Leo was not just any lion but the near invincible Nemean Lion that could only be hurt by its own claws! And seriously? The only way Scorpio is a "warrior" is maybe sex but not much else, they're an emotional water sign, remember? They are mostly ruled by Pluto (a planet exalted in Leo) but sorry but Mars mostly rules Aries. Mars' full strength is found in Aries since it makes use of its full power while Scorpio is shared by Pluto and so only uses half of Mars and that half goes mostly to sex and emotions (the night part of Mars). Leo and Aries, however, are true warriors with Aries obviously being ruled by the warrior Mars and Leo ruled by the ultimate symbol of not only life but also strength, the Sun! Many powerful sun gods included the Egyptian Horus and Ra(and Sekmet), Hercules (who in Roman art took the attributes of the sun), and of course Apollo (symbol of manly yet youthful perfection and multi talented). In ancient times, Leo was also the ONLY sign classified as both "bestial" (aggressive) and "feral" (savage and destructive behavior when angered) so was clearly seen as a warrior. In the end, Scorpio might be intense as a water sign but he's still best at emotions. For physical strength and intensity, Leo and Aries are the Alphas! So no...the other signs didn't "get out of Scorpio's way" when they handed out power. Like the scorpion, Scorpio just snuck in like the creepy, tiny spider it is and tricked everyone into letting him take it. But in direct confrontation... he'd never stand a chance against an Aries or Leo. And really? The way you put down Aries (may be the "baby" of the zodiac but is the 2nd strongest sun sign after Leo since it exalts the Sun!) yet fell into the same tired trap of so many other "astrologers" in glorifying this plain little arachnid is pretty pathetic and biased.
#96 - ThePaganSun - 08/03/2014 - 05:53
Scorpio with Scorpio
This site is always bang on when it comes to Scorpios. I've been able to relate in some way to every month that's been posted. For me it was always Aries or fellow Scorpios that had my attention. You could say I'm picky, but I feel like I have a right to be B-) #scorpiosrule
#95 - C Newbig - 06/21/2014 - 06:41
Spot on
I'm fascinated at how accurate this is. Describes me to a T. I'm a gay scorpion male. Love this site. And yep, I love good passionate sex. :-P
#94 - JasonScorpio - 05/26/2014 - 02:51
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