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The Gay Sagittarius: You’re all stallion baby.

Slow down Sagittarius.  What’s got you all fired up?  You walk into the bar and Saturday Night Fever pops out of the juke box as you make the rounds.  Everybody gets a European-style greeting, kiss kiss kiss (on the cheek, silly) from bouncer to bartender and everyone in between.  You’ll have ‘em eating out of the palm of your hand with your latest anecdote, exaggerating all pertinent details by a factor of 2.5 and punctuating your story with hand motions that should be studied by the cast of Fame.  You’re innately confident.  And why shouldn’t you be?  Sagittarius is the centaur.  From the waist up you exude the quick, sexy intelligence of, say, a Matt Damon.  Below, you’re all stallion baby.

The centaur rarely trips, but that’s not to say that you don’t make your share of faux pas.  You’ll rattle a friend with an offhand remark about his pleated khakis (“I’m surprised; those look ok on you!”)  If you stop to notice the crestfallen look on his face (which you won’t) you’ll come right back and say something about how usually only the tall and the slim can pull that look off gracefully, and remind your friend that the pendulum is swinging away from the whole flat front craze anyway.  What’s old is new again, right?  Eventually.

And who could be offended?  If you’ve indulged in a bit too much of foot au gratin, well, you’re just guilty of being you; which isn’t a crime, but maybe it should be.  You call it like you see it because you don’t believe in hiding behind politesse, preferring to get straight to the heart of the issue.  Your sign is the archer, after all.  And people tend to forgive you because who likes a stuffy prude anyway? It helps that you’re generous to a fault, especially with hard cases and cute animals.  You could never stand to see a teacup poodle peering out of knock-off handbag, or a friend in need of a night on the town.

And that’s just in your spare time.  Sagittarians are the philosopher queens of the zodiac.  Not so dreamy as the Pisces of the world, and not as flighty as a Gemini when it comes to doing the research, Sagittarians strike a nice balance between thought and action.  You love the ideas but know that nothing exists in a vacuum.  You get a lot of energy from engaging with the world and all its fascinating people.  That’s where your lack of tact comes in great handy.  Sagittarius is both opinionated and open to change at the same time.  You’re not afraid to ask the stupid or insensitive questions if it means getting the information you need, and you’re not afraid to let your conversation partner know exactly where you stand on an issue.  You know that it’s the only way to make progress, and heaven help the curmudgeon who stands in the way. 

The times are gonna change, and those who ride the tide will have the most fun.  You love people, but anybody who tries to hold you back from this simple philosophy invites a world of pain.  Independence is your oxygen.  You love travel, and for fun you’d be down to try any of those rugged-outdoorsy kinds of activities that involve scaling mountains followed by a refreshing five kilometer swim.  Good luck with all that, Sagittarius.  Just be careful.  You are blessed to be one of the luckier signs on the zodiac, but be sure that your drive for exploration doesn’t take you into a situation you can’t get out of.  Indulging in too much of anything is bad for the waistline and the pocketbook.  Keep some stability in your life and you’ll be pushing boundaries for a long time to come.

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Want to talk about it?

yess. all comments are true..we sags are true person.loving understanding..sometimes irretable esp.our love past relation experience is between scorpio and end up in more than 3 so hurt.and i admit defeat..2 years of heartbreak recovery.i decide to not be inlove to anyone at all...after 10 years..i meet and
inlove a guy we had a relation from now.he give anything that i want..coz we are seductive.he fell inlove with me..and im shock that he talk about his birthday is on october 25..a big scorpio guy stands before so doubtful.pls give some advice..:-(
#58 - Raden naborte - 03/02/2016 - 09:42
Attacted to Mr Wrong
I am a Sagittarius and some how I have managed to attract not one, two, or three but four Scorpios.
My experience was great at first... but then it became all about them.
From my experiences, I discovered that trying to hold a conversation with a Scorpio is almost impossible. They interrupt you when you are in mid-sentence or they drift off from the conversation entirely.
Also, sex with a Scorpio is boring!
They\'re all about cumming and thats it, whereas I always wanted more. More kisses, more foreplay, more passion - too much for them.
There has only been one Scorpio that I have been romantically involved with, and he was a total opposite of the Scorpios I have encountered in the past. Luckily his mother confirmed my suspicions... He was born one month early. A Scorpio by birth, but he was truly a Sagittarius.
#57 - LouTex - 12/13/2015 - 06:43
Will we make it
I am a Sagittarius @37 I am in a relationship with a 27 Virgo and seems like we love each other to dislike each the sex is awesome, communication is horrible, and responsibility towards general things in a normal household is lacking after 4 yrs is this a relationship that will last ?
#56 - Tim - 07/02/2014 - 21:08
My Sag everything but a stallion
I am a Taurus and my Sag it good looking, talkative, likes people, expresses himself well enough and I miss him when he is not around. But the stallion part is missing. At 30 yo I know he smokes and drinks to much. He seems to have a healthy enough attitude toward sex and enjoys porn, but I haven't ever experienced him actually being a good lover. He seems very reserved with me. Yes, he is open but he won't reciprocate anything though he don't refuse anything that I am doing with him. He just don't seem into it. No it is not me, I have had some pretty hot relationships where the desire is unreal. I want to blame his bad habits of maybe deadening his desires. If he was a stallion, I would fall head over hills for him and he could probably work me however he wanted. I would even come out of the closet and if he asked me to marry him I probably would. I don't know of any other friend/lover that I can say that is true.
#55 - Cody - 02/04/2014 - 22:40
scorpio + sag
So apparently scorpios and sags aren't compatible on an emotional level, but it looks like between the two the sex would be on fire. lol
#54 - scorpio21 - 11/18/2012 - 18:03
Sag And Sag
Hey I'm also in a relationship with a sag and I'm 18 and he's 17 we also look alike follow by act alike. It can also get scary because I see a lot of things in him dat make me look at myself to change. Im also faithful but he tends not to be so( that's when I start seeing the old me) but I have change since I met him. Only thing dat kinda turn me off with him is he debate to much but its kinda sexxii at time. But at the end of the day I love him and he love me.
#53 - isagittarius - 11/05/2012 - 02:40
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