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Gay Pisces Astrology Profile

Gay Pisces Profile

The Gay Pisces: For a raging bull, you're kind of a princess.

We might as well start with the good news: you're great in the sack.  The bad news is that even tantric sex doesn't last forever.  You don't have sex, you loose yourself in it.  Like I bet you want to loose yourself boping away to Miguel Migs all night long.  Or whatever the kids are listening to these days.  Give you a club where some good garage house is spinning and, let's be honest, your substance of choice, and the only way to get rid of you will be when the lights go up and you realize the hottie you've been dancing with all night is less Patrick Swayze and more Patrick Stewart.  Awkward.

It's fine to escape once in a while, but when you wake up in the morning with a splitting headache, vaguely recalling a nightmare in which your father chased you around the club with a knife shouting "Engage", you're going to have to face reality.  Most of the day will have to be spent doing what we here on planet earth call "stuff".  You know, stuff?  Let me see here... paid any bills lately?  Right.  Looked into rolling over that 401k?  Well, add it to the list.  Gotten the landlord to stop by and look at that leak in the ceiling?  You know, so you can get rid of the crock pot on the floor of your living room, the one you've been tripping over every morning for a week?  It's not a permanent solution, you know.  Sooner or later, you're going to want to make some soup. 

Oi ma!  You're a harder case than I thought.  Pisces is the everything bagel of the zodiac.  They say you've lived eleven other lives, having cycled through all the other signs to end up... where exactly?  The heck if you know.  Fitting, then, that your sign rules the Unconscious.  Not that you're totally unaware of what's going on.  You pick up on the feelings of others like crazy Uncle Mario picks up radio signals from that metal plate implanted in his scull.  Your ability to empathize is famous, just ask any of the friends, family, or co-workers.  You're ready give all of yourself to whoever needs you most.  All of your emotion, I mean... what were you thinking?  But use protection, dear Pisces.  You don't have unlimited energy yourself.  Exposure to toxic amounts of pain can lead to a lethal case of martyrdom, and who wants to end up all Joan-of-Arc?  Can we say butch? 

That said, service is the name of your game and not even a conservative could keep you from using compassion to make the world a better place.  It's pretty straightforward, really.  Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you've heard otherwise before.  That dual nature stuff.  The 'You're two fragile little fishies wandering in the pond' crap.  Don't buy it for a second.  The two fish represent two possibilities, not an endless game of tug-of-war. Sure, one of those possibilities is that you might just fall deep into your dreams and never wake up.  But you could also get it together and do great things.  You've got the intelligence of the Scarecrow, the courage of the Lion and the heart of the Tinman; not to mention the charisma of the beacon herself, Dorthy.  You have so much to offer that you might not know where to begin, but that's a nice problem to have. 

There's a good chance that your need for illusion manifests itself in a love of the arts.  Interested in the theater?  You drama queen you.  And I'd be willing to bet that those big pretty eyes of yours have a knack for color.  Who wouldn't want to take you in the dressing room?  You can coordinate my wardrobe any time, baby.  Maybe your thing is oil on canvass.  Or maybe you can write a mean sonnet.  You got skills, kid, so buck up.  You're no flake.  Pick a plan, any plan.  And stick with it, for god's sake.  One day at a time.  Your emotional nature is a great source of inspiration but unfortunately it takes organizational skills to get a project moving.  If you want my advice, hook up with a Virgo.  They'll teach you everything you need to know about making lists and sticking to schedules.  Just make sure you pencil in some time to stare out the window and day dream.  Since you were going to anyway.

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Sorry for you bitterness
This seems that you had bad encounters with Pisces. If you had a hard time understanding them don't just say stuff like that. By the way did you do your research first in stead of say things so heart full. By the way your extremely wrong sorry. I'm one myself i know how it feels and how we are how Pisce are because I'm one my self and i did my research.
#84 - Anthony Ernie Perez - 04/24/2016 - 03:16
pisces' temper
I've been wondering for a while... piscesians (?) R known to be easy to reassure and comfort, so they forgive for a while but is it so that they might come back and hit u in the gut 100 times stronger once u cross the line? I ready encountered some scorpios (It's in the family lol) and I know u should'nt take 'em on unless u can definetly handle the case, accurately fitting their reputation. I'll get to my question :R piscesins(?) capable of being far cruder and dangerous then any other sign?
#83 - JustMe - 05/07/2015 - 00:37
Pisces and Cancer
I had broken up with my bf he is younger than me. Im pisces he is cancer. I really miss him a lot. I would like he will come back because I had never met someone as him. What should I do?
#82 - rock_rock_rock85 - 11/25/2014 - 19:27
Pisces cancer
I'm a special pisces. Born February 29th 1992. I'm a leapyear baby. I've been in a relationship with a cancer for 7 weeks. He's my first love. today makes day5 of us being broken up. I can't take the emotions that come with love. Cancers being crabby, finding flaws to pick at
#81 - IG iam_kenji - 08/16/2014 - 14:41
my penis just left my house
He'll get tired of you quickly.
#80 - futchup22 - 08/08/2012 - 07:43
Very confused pisces
Ive read most of the comments, and I think they are pretty spot on, only one issue though, I have a Scorpio who is absolutely bonkers about me! It freaks me out, previously time I rejected him (very kindly) and he went ballistic! Have a similar problem with a Cancer, (though not as intense), I am totally in love with a Virgo, and my best relationships I've had in my life was with Taurus and Aquarius(3 wonderful years). Born on 7 March which is pretty much smack in the middle. Help??? I'm escaping into my own world and I'm not dealing with reality, don't know where to start...
#79 - hubertpisces - 07/04/2012 - 16:16
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