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Gay Leo Astrology Profile

Gay Leo Astrology Profile

The Gay Leo: Who wouldn't want to be you?

King of the Jungle?  Understatement.  Louis XIV built Versailles so that the sun would progress with him from morning into night.  Mistresses, lords, jesters, manicurists, haberdashers, horseman, chefs, and hangers-on orbited him like asteroids and applauded his every utterance.  That's more like it.  Sometimes it gets stressful, having so much delegating to do, but the perks are fabulous.  It's never lonely on top.  The glamour, the booze and, lest we forget, the boys, will have the rank and file in awe.  You know how it works, this social thing.  It's not rocket science, really.  Give 'em a good time.  Make 'em feel like they're with you on the top of the food chain, and they shall come.  There's really nothing you can do about it.  Kings need attention like Brittney Spears needs the paparazzi. 

All this lavish entertainment is going to take money, of course.  Good thing you like to lead in business as well as pleasure.  You've got a hankering for the corner office, if only because it gets good light and will allow you to show off your vintage modernist furniture to its best advantage.  Call it expensive, call it snotty, but under no circumstances call it Ikea.  You know the best; that's why you're such a good boss.  You can motivate a team with your compliments and encouragement.  And you're totally comfortable as the bold entrepreneur, the one who gets a brilliant flash of inspiration and then calls the admins into his office to say "I'll need the details worked out by Monday."  You're more of a vision guy than a corporate cog, though you work pretty hard at it.  I'd remind you to stick to a strict regimen of beauty-sleep, facials and massages, but you don't need too much encouragment. 

You're taste for the finer things in life is probably going to command a lot of your money and time... How do I put this?  I know the words "label whore" sound harsh, but brace yourself: label whore.  Yes, you.  Whatever, you love it.  How else would they recognize your majesty, now that capes and scepters have gone out of style?  Royalty needs to look the part.  Besides, you only like the big names because they make the best rags.  It's not the label you're after so much as a guarantee that the fabric and cut are going to be just right.  In this era of the tailored suit, that's not a bad idea.

Lesser mortals may ask who died and made you Hillary Clinton.  And if they do, please avoid sulking.  It's so unattractive.  In fact, you might want to take the drastic step of thinking about why a body would say such a thing.  Think back.  Last time you were out, did you feel the need to lecture about your one pet peeve in this world, men with over-shaped eyebrows?  Or your other one pet peeve, the men who love them?  Maybe it's the Log Cabin Republicans who really get your goat.  Maybe your lecture is directed at a friend who foolishly called his bar crush the very next day.  I know, I know, but show some restraint.  As the Kristal flows, so does your stream of eloquence.  You lecture because you love.  You lecture because you yourself know better.  And when you've finished, hopefully you'll still have some friends left.  Since you're going to pick up the tab, it's entirely likely.  But watch it, Leo.  Even if you are right, and I concede that you frequently are, nobody likes a know-it-all.  Show a little humility, and for heaven's sake, give your friends some credit for being the gorgeous, intelligent, creative people they are.  After all, you don't hang out with just anybody.  These people are special to you for a reason. 

Different people show love in different ways.  You know, strokes, folks, and all of that.  For you, love and gifts go hand and hand: the expensive bag, the helpful business contact, the lavish compliment.  You love to do it and they love to receive it.  Just make sure that you're not trading stuff for affection.  Learn to take a little criticism from the people who love you.  Since you're not exactly what some folks would call approachable, you'll know they're speaking up because they care.  Do you really want a pack of yes-men following your around, flattering you and doing whatever you ask?  Don't answer that.

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Leos are the strongest Sun sign, dude
Like it says above...Leos are the strongest Sun sign (only sign ruled by the Sun) and so when people piss them off, they don't just "sulk"....they roar in warning before tearing the guy that pissed them off apart!
#63 - ThePaganSun - 08/03/2014 - 05:30
i wonder the same thing, it kinda hurts my feelings to think that this is all they think of us. When all we are here to do is shine a little light .. p.s that spiritual power comment .. it is real my brain has been on some funny stuff lately .. right now i have this intense ringing in my ears ( afterwards i swear i start seeing !@#$%)
#62 - boss_leo - 07/12/2014 - 17:59
:-[]i love u
#61 - Confessions Of A Teenage Killer - 03/10/2014 - 02:23
Thank you # 57 Southern Leo
Hey there fellow Royals,

Indeed the goals of expressing and living in our shining splendor does have a major element of our humanitarian and protectorship role as people granted the grace of the sun and its strength, energy, and grace upon life. No matter what our superficial intentions - I do and must agree with our Southern Friend, our humanitarian agenda is the over-arching premise of our going's about, as well as the unconditional love and loyalty to life the sun provides- :D (hope I wasn't too serious- but really- it's awesome how we all possess a role in the universe- may God guide our real intentions... ~O~
#60 - JA-2R - 01/11/2014 - 06:27
omg this is soo me i can so see myself in all those curcumstances..i love everything!
#59 - jessie wright - 07/09/2013 - 14:07
am a man,i want to know how Leo make his success on earth,and to have a daily update on my self,to no the guideline on how meet up my opportunity,how Leo can achieve knowledge of understanding,and spiritual power.
#58 - muktar z.umar - 06/18/2013 - 08:19
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