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The Gay Aquarius: A Smooth Jazz Nightmare.

When it comes to Aquarian relatioships, the good news is that you might just be the friendliest sign on the zodiac. The bad news is that you might just be the friendliest sign of the zodiac. You'll strike up a conversation and weasel a phone number out of any hottie, anywhere: cute baristas, receptionists and chance acquaintances of all homotypes are prey to your smooth talking skills.

When you take out a date, you show him a fantastic time if he's up for cocktails, dinner, bar, club and after hours. And if he's ready for your innumerable stop and chats along the way. Watch your date's reaction: is he loving how popular you are or checking his watch with the intense look of a man about to flee? Some people might think it a bit rude to spread the love around like you do, but can you help being so damn charming?

Aquarius can't afford to take a jealous lover if he ever wants to go to the bathroom alone again. It might be a nice gesture to ease his anxiety with a little PDA, even if it hurts a little. It's not that you're cold: when you're with somebody you like, he'll be the most fascinating creature you've met in months, except for every other crush you've taken out that weekend.

You'll impress him with your stamina, but you're uncomfortable with those moments that can make a real connection. You need to buck up and accept that if you want in his pants, you might just have to suffer through a dinner at his house followed by a private screening of [insert gay movie here]. Take an antihistamine if sap makes you break out in hives. And if you decide to seal the deal with a romantic dinner au restaurant, for God's sake don't let him catch you staring at the waiter's ass.

When it comes to men you see something to take home and love in everybody; and that's a good thing, right? But watch out, Aquarius. Your greatest strength in love is your ability to accept a person completely for who they are, even if that means letting go. But you can all too frequently use letting go as an excuse to be selfish and detached from your lover, letting them stray from your heart and your bedroom.

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Want to talk about it?

I am a Valentine's Day (14th) Aquarius and am 47. I came out at 25 and fell head over heels for another Aquarius. We had super high high's we fought, we loved and the sex was still the best I have every had. We were soul mates and connected like no one since. He sadly got involved in drugs and ended his life but that is another story. So, after that I dated a Scorpio (amazing sex, very kinky, fun, but I was probably a little too detached at that point and it ended due to a move to Manhattan) I regret a little letting that one go but I was a young gun going for the career at that point. I had a fling in NYC with a Sagittarius but they always prove WAY too controlling and "my way or the highway" and anyone who knows Aquarians can understand why they aren't the best match for us. I have never dated or been attracted to a Capricorn. I dated a Taurus and we had great sex but he turned out to be most express, not a great match. He was smart and funny but the spark just wasn't there. They are not a good Aquarius match. I, like most here, am attracted to Leo men and have had amazing sex with them. They also supply me with the brain power that is non negotiable with most Aquarians....Leo's are also naturally kind natured and nurturing. They "get" us as well. The other two signs we are supposed to easily match with are Gemini and Libra. I have dated both and we matched well Libra's tend to be out of touch with their emotions and I find them to not practice what they preach. There is a disconnect in all the Libra's I know where they really don't "see themselves" very well and that is bothersome, hence why we broke up. The Gemini was the longest as we were compatible on all levels but our sex life wasn't explosive. I chalk that up to my partner's lack of experience there.

So, to recap. Libra, Leo, Scorpio, and Gemini have been my consistent attractions. I have dated Pisces and they are good in bed but way too crazy and unpredictable and super emotional to date for a long time.

I would take time to find out what your moon and rising signs are, they tell way more of the story and round out how others see you. For example, I am a double Aries on top of my Aquarius so my "energy" is Aries, which is true. I appear to many as not as "tree huggy" as many Aquarians are known to be. I am creative, quick witted, and resourceful. I am at ease in any crowd and usually the center of attention. I can make peace quickly and get along with anyone. I think I am a natural born leader and I am VERY decisive about what I like and do not like. I am extremely sensual and moderately sexual. I don't watch porn because it is so fake and poorly done that 99% of it is a turn OFF. I am not hyper sexual but it comes and goes. If I am with someone who turns me on I can have sex three times a day. Otherwise I am not what they say in this profile. I am naturally monogamous and I do NOT have a wandering eye, nor do any of the Aquarians I know so I am not sure what that is about. In fact, all the Aquarians I know are far more monogamous than any other sign I am aware of.

We tend to be aloof or seen as such but I think it is more that we like to observe and take in the world around us. We feed off energy. We are very astute readers of it and great judges of character.

I don't think Aquarian men are "emotional" but we do feel everything deeply. I find myself becoming more in touch with my emotions as I get older and have become MUCH more compassionate.

Aquarians are seen as being very creative naturally. We are also seen as being more likely to work in education, politics, public service etc than other signs. We are highly socialized and love being around people HOWEVER we need to recharge from all the social whirl and like our alone time just as much. It doesn't mean we don't like you, it isn't about you, it is about us doing what is best for us..let it go. I related to the post about the guy got along great when it was once a week as I have had those relationship as well and totally get that aspect of it. I don't need someone in my grill 24-7 to be honest.

I PREFER monogamy and a relationship to being single at this point in my life but I wonder if I have gotten all the love I was meant to get early on. It is hard being able to "see" people. You figure out their !@#$% fast and avoid them unlike most signs who just can't seem to judge for themselves.

It seems like a lot of posts have come from young guys but I would like to hear more from guys my age about how they changed as they grew up. I could go on forever but it is almost midnight and I had a rough social weekend I need to atone Keep it real peeps!
#91 - Sean - 06/30/2014 - 03:40
True to a T. I love you all. I want you all. And why not? Free love baby.
#90 - Mike Albright - 06/25/2014 - 00:06
He's Aquarius- I'm Cancer
Ok so this guy (Aquarius) and I (Cancer) have known each other for four years now with communication being on and off. It's been on and off again because of the different circumstances such as school and traveling around the country for work. Now that it's on again I find myself really liking this guy and think about him so much although I can't really tell if he likes me like that or not. He's given very few compliments in the most subtle ways. He seems a bit detached and when we see each other he seems nervous. How Do I Go About Getting Him To Let His Guard Down And Opening up? I've always stressed to him since day one that he can relax and be himself around me but he still seems to be nervous and quiet unless I start the conversation. I'm just trying to understand him more and would live to be with him but I wouldn't dare bring up commitment or relationships to him in fear of hearing rejecting me all together. Also I find myself being the always initiating contact first. I want to see if he will initiate it first. How do I deal with him?
#89 - random reconnection - 05/11/2014 - 17:00
Oh, Aquarians...
Aquarians are tricky little boys. I kinda-sorta dated one for a little while, but I'm now with another Pisces (great relationship, by the way). At the end of several months of having dates every once in a while, he said that he "wasn't really looking for a relationship." (Er, meaning... he was a jackass). They're nice as friends, but not as lovers. That's all.
#88 - Pisces - 05/02/2014 - 14:47
I like it
#87 - George Blanco - 01/16/2014 - 17:54
Leo in love with an Aquarius
According to astrological compatibility an Aquarius and Leo should not be compatible or together. My handsome Aquarius boyfriend and I get along wonderfully. As in any relationship there must be give and take. No one will ever get 100%. Our sex life is wonderful and we agree on more issues than disagree. The point I am trying to make is, compatibility depends on much more than zodiac signs. What is kind of funny is he actually fits the Leo description.
#86 - Jim - 09/04/2013 - 15:20
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