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Your Gay Scorpio Horoscope For September

Gay Scorpio Astrology Horoscope

Darling, your career will not be going anywhere but up! Because of this, the first part of this month won’t give you any problems financially. You just have to make wise decisions when the second part of the month kicks in. Spend wisely or it will be a tough month end for you.

But let’s forget about that and go back to the happy note that we started with. It’s going to be a whole month of success! Especially when you’re projects have something to do with cultural trips or maybe tourism. So if the boss sends you to a whole other country for business, then go, darling! I hope you’re packed.

These business trips could not have come at a better time because you will feel energized and will be in tip top shape for any physical activities or even long drives. Keep on doing your cardio because counting on the stars’ position just won’t be enough.

What’s going to be weird, though is the position of Venus in Scoprio’s House of Couples. It’s not going to be a threat but things will look like it might be on the quiet side of your relationship bordering on utter boredom. But let’s not break a sweat here, darling. Pretty soon, Venus will step back in Scorpio’s House of love which will bring about sentimentality to your time together. That should be refreshing since it won’t be the usual hot monkey love all day everyday. It is not always just about sex. There’s a deeper side in a relationship that you have to explore. Believe me, once you and your partner got that spiritual connection, your lovemaking will be tantric, hence, more explosive. It’s a win win.


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I am 32 year old scorpion and an Architect by profession. I met a guy (Project engineer) on one of my site. He is cool, intelligent (100 points), gorgeous and a 28 year old Taurus. He had a girl friend. He is career minded as I am, so I understand his break up (as his girl friend wanted to go to Slovenia and he wanted to stay in London). We hit it on very famously. On our first ever night out (only me and him)I told him I am exploring my sexuality and I might be bi/gay. He said "if he had to be he can be bi". We had the most intense conversation and ended up having the best time ever. He seems curious about me as he said " I know you like 3 things - good food and fine wine, but I am yet to discover the third thing you like". Since then I started falling for him, that is why I invited him for another rendezvous, and called it a "date night" (as a Freudian slip) just to check his reaction. Unfortunately he couldn't make it (which was genuine) and in his message he apologized and asked "let me know who I am going to replace him with on this date night". Reading his message made my impression of him stronger; that is, he is interested in me. Since then I have trying twice contacting him via text and call which he did not reply. It's been three weeks and he has vanished totally.Everyday I am desperate to call him, but do not want to look like a stoker. I am not sure if I spooked him or gave him a wrong signal. But now I can't stop thinking about him. I really don't know what should I do? It hurts me to know he might have lost interest in me. But reading a lot about Taurus, I think I have to take the initiative??I really don't want to screw up my professional relationship either. Is it worth brooding over it. Considering it will be my first time ever with a guy I just don't want to lose my virginity (again) with any random guy. I am really falling for him and don't know what to do? can you help me please!
#1 - Cyrus - 02/17/2015 - 23:29
Karma is a BITCH :)
#0 - Madisson Weier - 04/28/2014 - 19:20
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;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o >-( B-) :oops: :-[] :-P
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