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Your Gay Sagittarius Horoscope For September

Gay Sagittarius Astrology Horoscope

Well, last month was a great month for love and relationships with the Sun crossing Sagittarius’ House of Couples that brought about great changes and exciting opportunities for the relationship to last. This month will still be all kinds of awesomeness since it will be Venus who’s going to be crossing it which just means that your romance will have lust written all over you and your lover this month. You are hot for each other. Other than that, there will be more understanding and harmony in the relationship since Mercury will also be present in Sagittarius’ House of Couples.

What can I say, darling? Your love life just keeps on blossoming more and more each month. This will do you good. Your vintage self has always been unattached or even unemotional but with passion and intimacy coming in, you will find yourself in a deeper level of emotional connection with your lover. Just let go. Feel it. You would know how exhilarating it is to not hold back. It’s okay to get hurt once in a while. It’s really a part of the whole love shenanigan. Without it, the rollercoaster you are on will just be a straight boring ride.

This month also offers collaborations on new projects that will definitely boost your career. This is the time to push yourself in creating something fresh and intriguing that could definitely bring more cash flow in. Just thinking about it makes me tingle with excitement. I mean, who doesn’t crave for financial power? Your chance is now upon you. Don’t let yourself down.

Just don’t work long hours because the first part of this month could bring your body down. Know when enough is enough. Besides, it will pick up again by the second part of July and you’ll feel alive and brand new in no time.


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;-)I really like someone oh so very much and feel its mutual...
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