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Your Gay Libra Horoscope For September

Gay Libra Astrology Horoscope

Have you been taking care of yourself like I told you to do last month, darling? I think you took my advice because it looks like you will be in excellent shape this month now that the cardinal cross that was the culprit for bringing you so much stress has recently just disappeared. Cheers to good health! You just have to remember to keep doing what you’re doing so you will be fine all throughout the year.

More great news! When it comes to work and finances, this month will be a time full of accomplishments. You will excel more and even stand out more. This is because the Sun will be in Libra and the lucid light from it will carry you around in an immaculate way. More projects will line up and you are just bursting with energy and ideas. Work it, darling! Get up that corporate ladder while you are in the spot light.

There’s too much going on with you at work! Don’t get me wrong. That is a good thing! I just want to warn you, darling, that you will be a lot busier and possibly even act bitchy at home where you can freely air out and rant about the goings on at work. But don’t let that negativity get the better of you. It might lead the relationship down the rocky path especially since the stars are lined up on the first two weeks of the month for some explosive bickering. Now that you are aware, keep your cool.


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