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Your Gay Leo Horoscope For October

Gay Leo Astrology Horoscope

That mass appeal that you carry all last month will stretch until the first part of July. You got some loyal friends out there, darling. Be grateful! You need your fans to be able to get you through an important project that just might change your life forever. All you need, darling, is energy! You seem to be down in the dumps. You already got the people supporting you to get you to where you want to be. It’s your attitude that seems to be misplaced. Don’t harsh your own vibe, darling. Remember that the limelight will only be with you until the first part of this month. Use the time to accomplish more. Everybody is looking up to you so get out there and influence more people! You will, however, pick up the pace at the second part of the month but by the time that you get out of that downer mode, your popularity has already worn off.

But with Jupiter entering Leo this month, good vibes will just keep rolling. With or without your posse, that natural high and positive attitude will stick with you. Besides, your stars are lined up to your favor. As long as you know your limitations and keep things in moderation, good things will come your way. And when I say things, I mean work, relationship and health.


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