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Your Gay Gemini Horoscope For September

Gay Gemini Astrology Horoscope

Looks like the self pity act you have been doing last month worked. The celestial bodies took into what looks like adopting a baby and that baby is you, darling. The stars are lining up again to your favor. This month will be ultra swell because you will be rolling in the Benjamins! Although the opportunity for higher expenses is dangling right in front of your nose, you have to double ask yourself if you really need to spend that much. Balance, baby.

With Venus situated precisely in Gemini, the first part of the month will be a sweet ride. Venus will shower your whole being and aura with grace and sensuality. Soak ’em up. Drink it all in and radiate your foxy side. That energy will translate the whole month and people will be drawn to you. Possible new friends or relationships will stem from this new aura you’d be emanating. Enjoy, darling!

You will be physically fit this month and your health charts are soaring. Plus, with Jupiter in the house of Gemini, positive vibrations will just hang in mid air all throughout the year. Not only will you have a healthy body but you will also have a sound mind too. You will feel pretty fly not just this month but it looks like everything will be up and up this year and onwards.

I’m jealous, darling. Why? Let’s just sum up the goings on for you this July: cash will be overflowing, you will have healthy mind and body plus, with the smoothness of the slickest cat, you will probably have no time making the bed if you will be having another romp in the sack almost every hour. Good going!

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