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Gay Scorpio Dating: The Couch Trip

Gay Scorpio Love Dating

Gay Scorpio Dating: Only the Strong Survive

Some like it hot. Some like it stinging hot. And some like to date Scorpios.

If you enjoy wrestling rattlesnakes for their eggs or snatching honey from an angry hive of bees, at some point you’ll probably be cruising for a Scorpio. He’ll be the handsome, muscular stranger lurking in the corner like a warlock, clad in a sleeveless black vest over his bare chest, daring you to dance with his penetrating gaze.

Not just anyone can be invited to share his lair. Aloof, casually social, and intensely independent, Scorpio prefers hunting to being hunted. You don’t pick up a Scorpio so much as get consumed by him.

Private rather than lonesome, Scorpios form close-knit friendships and tend to be a hit with the crowd, but prefer to stick with a small circle of intimate and trusted confidants. These will be the gatekeepers whose approval you’ll need before gaining admittance to his clique.

Burn the Scorpion, and you’ll find that not only does he not accept apologies, he does not listen to them. Cheating on Scorpio is a mistake very, very few repeat, as he can be furiously jealous, and only has about a half inch of wick on the quarter-stick of dynamite in the first place.

How to Attract Gay Scorpio

Scorpio loves nothing more than an alluring mystery, so be enigmatic and flit in and out of his sphere of influence while waiting for him to pounce. He only insults people he likes, so if he points his blistering wit at you, take the jibe with good humor and know that things are going well.

The key to staying in his crosshairs is to arouse his curiosity; drop cryptic hints about intimate piercings or tattoos he’ll have to undress you to reveal. Hold back on the life story; if you tell all to Scorpio up front, he’ll have nothing left to discover.

You’ll find Scorpios in high concentration at the world-famous Burning Man festival, which combines the caustic barren desert, orgiastic hedonism, and artistic nihilism to create something very like heaven on Earth for most Scorpios. They often dabble in magic and the occult, and are fascinated by extravagant displays of wealth and beauty.

Gay Scorpio Quirks and Erogenous Zones

Scorpios generally don’t call back after a one-night stand, so if long-term is on your agenda, be buddies first and let him set the pace. As things heat up, guide his piercing orbs toward “accidentally” exposed spots of your most flattering flesh, by stretching and bending, heedless to the show you’re giving him. It’s not wise to make the first move with a Scorpio; far better to entice him to come to you.

You’ll have no difficulty pleasing Scorpio, so long as you tend to his every whim. No problem locating his erogenous zone; ruled by lusty Mars, Scorpios are tied to the Root Chakra. For those of you who fell asleep in yoga class, the region to focus on is between the upper thigh, and the lower belly. Just follow the neatly trimmed treasure trail to the source of his power-and your pleasure.

Those with an oral fixation will discover Scorpio eagerly accepting such attention. More of a top than a bottom, the Scorpion is known for energetic displays of powerful mastery, and slaves will find Scorpio to be an excellent disciplinarian.

He’ll have his own whip if he’s a typical Scorpio fetishist, but unfortunately there is no such thing as a typical Scorpio. So when it’s looking like a long night might be ahead, pack some candles, a blindfold, and couple doses of antivenom in case he forgets himself.

What to expect on a Scorpio date

Selecting the destination can be a challenge, as he may be territorial and resents having plans made for him. If the choice falls to you anyhow, bend your mind and a few local papers to making your outing one he’ll never forget. Tickets to the Cirque De Soleil or an all-night rave aren’t likely to disappoint, but don’t hesitate to forward the passes to a friend if his reception to the idea is chilly.

Although they cultivate and enjoy a reputation for wantonness, most Scorpios are rather cautious when it comes to hopping in the sack, and enjoy being teases to their many suitors. Off-color comments are likelier to be offered for shock value than seduction.

Well worth the wait, Scorpio is universally conceded to be one of the most desirable hunks in the Zodiac.

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I am a Scorpio
Well, I can tell you as a Scorpio, a lot of this hit the mark, I was surprised. As for dating, I can only speak for myself. Tell me the truth. No matter how much you believe you shouldn't, trust me, you should. I can take anything but a lie. I will be your best friend. I will put you first before all including family. I will move the heavens to make sure your dreams are realized. If someone hurts you, it is advisable they leave the state if not the country. I have literally hunted someone down that messed with my ex. Let's just say his car and his head will never recover. I guess we can be extremely intense and sometimes, though we won't admit it, we are comparing conversations you make sure you are telling the truth. But don't take this personally. We do this to everyone. It is just our nature. The trouble I have when dating, is people wanting to have a quick bang. I am looking for that man who is looking for me. Not easy but worth the wait. So, my suggestion on dating a Scorpio, try it. We are not as bad as we are made out and if you are real, you will have a mate for life.
#86 - BMan - 04/15/2015 - 02:48
#85 - Aaron Millick - 03/26/2015 - 11:40
scorpio and loving it
Being a Scorpio has brought me great success in the area of love. I have had many flings but 3 major relationships. The first two did not last because of infidelity on their part, I've never been unfaithful and pride that fact. I now am partnered with a Gemini and we were together for 6 years as partners but have now married in NYC. Now the announcing of January 2015 Florida right to marry we will spend the rest of our lives together. Never been happier with this man. Good luck on finding your scorpios. We are not a dying breed so look up, look out and get your man.
#84 - David - 12/05/2014 - 16:28
I am a scorpio
I agree with a lot that was said here. But how can you label a scorpio as top or bttm. That's not smart. I am natural bottom who only tops when the occasion demands. It's true though that I tend to discard people who serve little of mt purpose. Even though it makes me feel extremely guilty and heartbroken at times, I just can't help it. But when I see someone I like I go for it, I hunt him like a snake does to its prey by giving him the deadly look of invitation. When I am in love ❤ it's a different story. My devotion doesn't allow me to cheat. I do go on a farewell round with the few important sexual partners that I usually keep though. And they always wait for my realtionships to fail bcause of what they are loosing. We are not sluts sex is a very important aspect of my life so I treat it as such. If you force your way into my pants you will feel scorned at the aftermath after all the pleasure I afford to give you. Don't hate me for that. I don't know why I do that.
#83 - Scorpio - 12/03/2014 - 16:48
Well that didn't take long.... Libra :/
Only a month and I've already defiled his trust with me twice. I made a rude outburst because he didn't see me at the time like he said he would. I took to social media only to find out that he became really ill. I got chewed out for that he and forgave me. Second time was was a BIG one.. I was upfront like I should have been going into it, but forgot to mention one detail and he didn't take to kindly when it slipped out at dinner. I omitted something to him and he says that an "omission" is a LIE to him and I betrayed his trust. He hates liars. I don't get why if he does something I don't like I don't speak up and always let it go, but when I do something he get all HELLBENT on my ass. Don't see why other signs aren't like me. FORGIVING and trusting. Maybe too trusting to make it work, "any means necessary."

My WORD how awkward and dark dinner that became. The tension in that room was unlike anything I have felt in my life. Seriously felt like it got cold all of sudden. I completely lost my appetite while he just kept eating like nothing happened. I couldn't tell the look on his face... PISSED OFF. I have 2 Scorpio best friends. Both a boy and girl (straight too). I get along with them just find. Very well actually, but you can't compare it to dating I guess? Being a Libra/Scorpio cusp (or any cusp for that matter is hard as it is.) This is what I was afraid of trying to date a Scorpio, piss them off once, fine. Piss them off twice...well I'm surprised I'm alive at the moment. I screwed up big time and he said "might" forgive me again. It's bad enough that he was starting to trust me and was complete excited for dinner that night. Another !@#$% up for libra. We can't seem to find anyone suitable without something going wrong. We get too trusting only for it to blow up back in our faces unexpectedly as usual....
#82 - Ondarrious - 11/08/2014 - 06:27
So this scorpio messaged me one day and we hit if off. He found me intriguing as I did him. Befriending a scorpios for me is easy because two of my best friends are scorpios. Dating a Scorpio... I'm already having neurotic thoughts... Yes, he shows interest without telling me, but he's honest so far. Hope this goes well because I really really really like him. I've been afraid to date a Scorpio because how they burn they're exes. You learn a LOT from your besties and witness it first hand. Pointers would be nice? 😊
#81 - Ondarrious - 10/04/2014 - 07:05
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