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Gay Dating - Sagittarius: The Big Whore.

Gay Sagittarius Love Dating

Dating The Gay Sagittarius: He brings back the goods.

Dating a gay Sagittarius is a full time job.  The gay Sagittarius doesn’t generally make a good life partner or husband.  He lives for the manhunt.  When he says he loves you he really means it…really really.  He also means it when he tells the next guy he loves him tomorrow night.  If you are looking for someone to go the distance consider yourself warned.

Are you interesting enough?  I doubt it.  The Sagittarian male is a playa.  His thirst for love is rarely quenched.  If you plan on taking this trip be sure to be prepared with all the shit you need.  What will you need?  You will need a wet mouth with plenty of saliva, an impressive arsenal of adoring compliments, and some very unique date ideas.

Do you take love seriously?  Your Sagittarius male doesn’t.  He views love as an experience to be had and enjoyed.  He views the guy next to you the same way.  He can’t understand why everyone takes love so seriously.  Most gay Sagittarians will see a lot of action before they call it quits.

So, what do you get?  Well, you will get a chance to be with a great guy.  Sagittarius men are cheerful, honest, and creative in bed.  You can’t beat a Sagittarius men for excitement.  Well, maybe…

How to attract a Sagittarius...

If you are trying to impress a Sagittarian male on a date first check the weather. An outdoor date is sure to impress. Think sailing but if you are too cheap think local park and canoeing. Avoid parties or too close of quarters for the first few dates. The gay Sagittarius doesn't like to be shoved in a corner.

When dating a Sagittarian the best subjects to talk about are outdoor sports and animals. If you have no knowledge or interest in these subjects ask them about their work, friends, and current events.

Don't take the words coming out of his mouth too seriously because he isn't. You won't be justified when you blame him for lying to you because he isn't lying, he means the things he says.

What to expect on a Sagittarius date

- Flirting with the bartender.
- Flirting with the guy at the next table.
- Flirting with your neighbor.
- Small venues like jazz or piano bars.
- Long walks down dark alleys.
- Dancing under the stars.
- Indoor or outdoor rock climbing.
- Picnics at the lake or ocean.
- Outdoor concerts or festivals.

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Too true to be true
Dec 9th, I agree with almost every things above lol.
#141 - Mr.912 - 10/14/2014 - 15:48
Inaccurate Information
None of these traits or comments are fact about Sagittarius. If a Sagittarius broke your heart you clearly had to be doing something wrong. Wrong to the point of you not being able to obtain and keep their attention. They live for long term relationships hoping to last a life time. They do not like to have more than one lover. Very satisfied with just ONE. Love to cook,and keep their lovers balanced, happy, and at ease. Im in a year long relationship. With a Gemini and it has been a true intense ride for the both of us. And although we been through all that we're still standing as one.
#140 - Sagittarrius - 09/25/2014 - 22:19
They will break your heart!
Stay away from them, they will break your heart...
#139 - Daniepwils - 09/16/2014 - 15:30
I'm infested with the scabies mites.
#138 - Infested - 07/24/2014 - 19:42
#137 - M - 06/26/2014 - 04:31
I'm dating a 32 yr old saggitarius
Lord have mercy the above stated is so true. I'm a Gemini guy and my love is a saggitarius. I. Sometimes wonder if people use these zodiac signs as a scape goat for all the mean and stupid !@#$% they do!!!
#136 - if you only knew - 05/29/2014 - 20:49
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