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Gay Pisces Dating: Swimming in Circles

Gay Pisces Love Dating

Gay Pisces Dating: Swimming in Circles

Don’t tell Pisces, but he has a reputation for being flighty and unpredictable. Actually, go ahead and tell him, he’ll probably be daydreaming about something else entirely.

A Fish out of water even in the bathtub, Pisces isn’t indecisive, his mind is made up-in both directions. Get any sort of bargain you wish to seal with Pisces notarized in triplicate, or better yet, carved in marble. Even still, he’ll deny his signature, and the worst part is, he will actually believe it was forged, even if you saw him chisel it yourself.

Highly creative and emotionally savvy, Pisces will often apply this creativity to the truth, so take promises with a grain of saltwater. Not that Pisces is dishonest, it’s just that reality shifts and buckles more in his undersea world.

A social butterfly and anything but constant, Pisces is apt to wriggle out of your net; but he’s also a sentimental fool, so grand gestures of romance can get him hopping aboard your boat.

Known to be a serial monogamist, who has periodic flings during frequent bouts of amnesia, he tends to have more enduring relationships with friends from school than with lovers. Nevertheless, many Pisceans can and do devote a lifetime to a partner, so long as they’ve found someone who enjoys juggling a bundle of contradictions.

How to Attract Gay Pisces

Many Pisces have a tendency to date down, which is either fortunate or not, depending on how you view your own worthiness. If you cast your line for Pisces, be sure to steer clear of the murky swamps where bottom feeders roam.

More positive connections can be made by frequenting art galleries, poetry readings, and animal rights rallies. Pisces are usually sensitive to the plight of animals, and will be genuinely moved if you rescue an unwanted pet from the pound or volunteer at a shelter.

He might seem flaky to some, but is also a deeply sensitive and nurturing soul, much more in tune with the heart than the mind. Which is not to say that Pisces is shallow, although he is often unfairly accused of superficiality, or being vapid; both Michelangelo and Beat author Jack Kerouac were odd fish.

Evoke what talent lurks inside your intuitive Pisces, and you may find he’s pretty busy up in dreamworld, creating the next “David” or penning the next “On the Road.” Your bohemian space case just may be next year’s Broadway buzz-once you’ve inspired him to compose a musical in your honor.

Gay Pisces Quirks & Erogenous Zones

If you can land your Pisces in a Jacuzzi, half the battle is won. You’ll know where you stand by the shape of his thong-or if he bothers to wear one at all. The Fish tends to be a bit of a foot freak, so caress his sole lightly, and reel him carefully in.

Pisces in general are not hung up about sex; he’ll be less occupied by the physical mechanics of the act than with the emotional context in which it occurs. Experimental role-play, live-action fantasy theater, and body painting are all welcome in the spawning grounds.

Exotic locations appeal to Pisces, so keep the scenery changing…seashore cliffs, naughty hideaways just out of sight, the Mile High club…keep up with his sense of adventure, and he’ll be yours until the current sweeps him away.

What to expect on a Gay Pisces date

At all costs, avoid becoming embroiled in a heated debate. Be wary of taking the bait he may whimsically offer you as a test. Pisceans turn a fast tailfin at the slightest hint of a dispute, and you’ll know you’ve crossed a line from the booming silence suddenly assaulting your eardrums.

Overall, dating Pisces should be an enjoyable experience, as he will be chatty and engaging once he’s decided to be. Arrive with an affectionate gift, such as a tray of assorted chocolate covered nuts, and keep the conversation light and general at first, encouraging him to tell you all about himself, as he will promptly be happy to do.

It’s a rare Pisces who cares enough about material things to be able to pick up the tab on a date. Fortunately, he won’t be impressed by dining at expensive digs, so your best bet is to grab a picnic lunch and enjoy some marine recreation, such as canoeing, waterskiing or scuba diving for the afternoon.

In the absence of a convenient coastline, choose a trip to the museum, or simply the nearest public park-spontaneity is a quality to indulge with flighty Pisces.

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I'm a scorpio
I'm a scorpio dating a Pisces. We have a very strong relationship. Though, he does sometimes make me uncomfortable with his thought about me. Should I tell him how I feel? Or do I let him do his thing?
#76 - Abraham - 03/25/2015 - 04:16
I demand a rewrite Please and thank you :-)
#75 - bambam - 03/11/2015 - 02:44
I'm a Taurus, I have a Pisces who saw my profile on a dating service and seems to have fallen for me, he's a beautiful man, a dream, part of me feels hesitant, but another part of me wants to let him into my life. I can't rush into a relationship, however, I feel something and a wee voice inside me (definitely not in my head) says let him in.
#74 - Joel - 02/27/2015 - 17:45
The Experienced Piscean
The Piscean is also a creature who likes clean water and if you invade that space with BS and truths that are not visible in your life, we have no problems with serving it back to you. The logic of life place no role in the registry of pisces unless we can see it. We are very patient and giving, but when abusing privileges take hold watch out for the wave, cause it\\\'s coming!
#73 - Sunyd - 11/17/2014 - 04:48
This is a load of crap
Whoever wrote this must have gotten really hurt by a Pisces because reading this was highly inaccurate and this is coming from a Piscean. We're adaptable and highly intuitive and we only get flaky if others are entirely indecisive. We are also VERY passionate and give our all to a person when we are in a truly loving relationship.
#72 - Jamie - 09/06/2014 - 05:11
If you are a Pisces and u agree with the bulk of this lard, then you may have issues, one being that you are willing to listen to some d-bag that's clearly BUTT-HURT, no pun intended.
#71 - Incredulous - 07/11/2014 - 01:59
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