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Gay Libra Dating: The Couch Trip

Gay Libra Love Dating

Gay Libra Dating: The Couch Trip

The therapist of the Zodiac, Libras are widely prized for their “Prozac” effect on more highly-strung types, particularly Fire elementals. The only astrological sun sign represented by an inanimate object, namely, a set of scales, Librans are gifted with a talent for two-way communication critical to promoting balance and perspective in the face of raging fires.

Presided over by Venus, Goddess of Love, Librans have a unique knack for empathy as well as romantic connections, and often wind up together, like a pair of oxygen atoms linking up to form the molecule of Life.

A natural though often reluctant leader, Libras reign in the arts of communication. Diplomatic, charming and devoted to peace, he also tends to be a bit of a sucker and incurable flirt. These failings come from his habit of seeing both sides to every story, and from his sense of universal love, in which no adoring suitor is wholly unworthy.

Libras mate for life…the question is, with how many different partners? Despite craving lasting relationships for stability’s sake, Librans often get off the seesaw just to see it fly up.

While holding an idealistic loyalty to a partner, Librans have little sales resistance, especially when the product is flesh in his face. Some couples solve this problem by adding a third partner, or a fourth, or a roomful of sweaty strangers, or entire cruise ships including the Capitan and all the crew…

How To Attract Gay Libra

Libra can generally be found at the center of a small crowd, most often in bohemian coffee or book shops. He’ll stand out as a patient listener, which is unusual for those with a tendency to gab.

Perennial students of human nature, Librans feel obligated to give every member of the human race (and frequently animals as well) at least a few moments of attention. Having been shanghaied in the past by long-winded time thieves, however, he’ll curtly cut you off if your communication does not meet his exacting standards.

Lead Libra into a new realm of speculation, and the rapid-fire exchange of ideas can pass the night away with scarcely a notice of dawn. Nothing appeals to Libra quite so much as a dynamic meeting of the minds, and he’s not likely to take your body very seriously if he’s not impressed with what you pack between your ears.

Masters of the meandering topic, Librans enjoy discussing politics, religion, and philosophy in an offbeat and provocative way. Science, books, and of course, astrology are also great to bring up, if the dialogue is getting stale. Librans generally abhor a silence, and think aloud even when alone; so do your best to break those pregnant pauses.

Gay Libra Quirks & Erogenous Zones

He’s in a constant state of arousal and secretly wants to rock the world, so if you don’t bore him to flaccidity, it shouldn’t be hard to get things cooking. He enjoys a one-night celebration as much as anyone, but if he wants to see you a second time, he’s probably got a serious crush.

In love with love, Libra has an innate need to pair up, so he’s thinking about tomorrow even if you’re just cruising.

Typically endowed with juicy, rounded buttocks that beg to be groped, Librans are easily aroused by any sort of backrub, and not likely to protest if the massage wanders below the waist.

A yen for oral arts extends to the bedroom as well, where Libra is widely renowned as an enthusiastic participant on either end of the transaction, or, preferably, both. A slow, passionate lover who enjoys service for the pleasure it brings him, he’s more given to prolonged foreplay, than to exhausting acrobatics in the bedroom.

What to expect on a Libra date

Librans don’t date; they interview. By the end of the evening, you’ll be able to complete each other’s stories. Don’t interrogate him, though, or you’re prone to run across his pet peeve. He’ll answer an intelligent question or two, but expects you to intuit the truth or be content to live without it, if he deigns to keep details to himself.

Libra is eager to share the details of his unique study of the human condition, handing over his life’s story like last week’s paperback, but only in the fashion and order which suits his sense of plot development.

Librans go Dutch, as a rule; besides having a general affinity for the Netherlands, economic exchanges between lovers are tantamount to marriage. If you do decide to live together (lucky you!), he’ll be expecting to merge finances, life goals and wardrobes with his partner, moving through life as one unified body.

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Scorpio my love one
I'm a Libran, i can't really understand much of this article, but i wanna share that my love for him is soooooo much, today i hurt him deeply inside, we almost break up, i hope i won't hurt him ever again. I love him!!!😻😻😻
#77 - Puppy and MyCat - 03/16/2016 - 17:28
Pisces dating a Libra
Hi :) I just had speculations about my compatibility with a Libra guy. We met on Grindr, lol... and he's really sweet. I'm 19 and he turned 25 recently. I asked him out on a date last night but... I strongly believe in Astrology... the compatibility and personality stuff. He's solely looking for a long-term relationship, as am I. But... the compatibility thing is messing with my head. He'll be my first ever boyfriend. My first ever date (yes I'm 19 (almost 20) and I've never been on a date...) but I want my first to be my last. I've read a lot about Libra and Pisces compatibility and I'm getting mixed information... some sites say we're compatible but will have communication issues (even though Libra and Pisces are some of the best communicators...) and some sites say we're not compatible at all because our attraction will only last for short-term. I really like him and if he's right for me I'd want a relationship, then a healthy marriage. I just wanna know if Pisces and Libra could go a long way together. (His moon is in Pisces and my moon is in Cancer... this affects our personality and emotional nature... I'm overly emotional and chaotic... like I need love lol)... Yepp so that's all. Thank you for reading :)
#76 - Tyler - 10/23/2015 - 14:20
this so applies to me
9/28 I'm finding out who I am on a large scale I'm in a fork in the road with either a Sagittarius or a Scorpio which daddy do I want this message applies to me totally
#75 - eric - 10/28/2014 - 20:48
The Libra who go away..
I knew this guy was for me. He was easy to talk with, got along great, and both music lovers. He moved because he got a teaching job out in Houston, TX. I live in Dallas. I pushed him to follow his dream. I would have married him because each time I asked he would smile and winked he would have said yes, eventually. We only dated for 2 months so it was worth dating my own sign. Now he is dating someone else and I couldn't be more happy that he's getting out there again in the dating scene. He was engaged to his fiancée when he first move to Texas, but died when they moved. I didn't know about this until he was getting ready to move to Houston. He died only a year ago. Poor guy... I'm happy that I got a chance to date, me basically. 😊
#74 - Ondarrious - 10/04/2014 - 05:49
I love my cancer boyfriend
Chris is my world but right now he is in jail how do i handle my crazy mind i am 23 and he is 24 i miss him so much
#73 - Eric - 04/03/2014 - 04:54
Love comes first
All about gay libra mentioned above is so match. I very focus in love matter. I want my relationship be very sweet and bliss which will never end or turn dull. But who will actually understand us?
#72 - Vin - 01/25/2014 - 09:00
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