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Gay Leo Dating: The Attention Whore

Gay Leo Love Dating

Gay Leo Dating: The Attention Whore

If you love being part of an entourage and always dreamed of being kept in a harem, proud Leo is probably the best sign for you to pursue. With a ferocious need for adoration, the Lion is in constant need of groupies, so if you can be properly admiring, you can probably wrangle a backstage pass.

Fortunately, there’s a lot to admire. Ruled by the Sun, Leo is one of the most radiant flavors in the Zodiac. Whether he’s star of an off-off-broadway play, or a high-priced trial attorney with dreams of arguing before the Supreme Court, you’ll find Leo angling for the limelight and stealing the show.

Patience is a definite virtue when stalking the King of Beasts; you may have to wait for your turn in what is likely to be a revolving door of adoring fans. Once captured, however, Leo can be a fiercely loyal companion-though not always a faithful lover. Playa-haters take note: you cannot completely cage a Lion. They are known to nose around other dens.

The magic allure of a Leo is that he’ll make you feel like you’re the most special thing that’s ever happened in his whole life-exactly the way he made his boyfriend last week feel. What’s more, he means it. He’s just easily seduced by anyone that can properly stroke his mane.

Once you do get the Lion to yourself, throw on the makeup and study your lines quickly, because Leos can be drama queens of the highest order. The first rule of arguing with a Leo is: never argue with a Leo. The second rule of arguing with a Leo is…well, you get the point.
How To Attract Gay Leo:

Leo only has to think that he’s in charge; he’s fairly easy to tame, so long as he feels it was his idea. Dangling oblique challenges will taunt Leo to rise to the occasion…but be careful not to give him more to bite off than he can chew, or you might feel the temperature in the room chill by twenty degrees.

Some might think that the way to rope a Leo is to be the most preening in the pride; but often enough reverse psychology is the key to arousing his interest. Taking a sudden unexplained break from his company to briefly flirt with another prima donna can be the strategy that locks it for the Leo.
Gay Leo Quirks and Erogenous Zones

Pack a bottle of massge oil and pressure toys for your rendezvous with Leo. At the first available opportunity, get his shirt off and treat his back to your finest rendition of Chopin’s symphonies. Don’t quit until you have him literally groaning with joy…Leos often love a good body rub more than the act itself. Your extroardinary performance will be rewarded in due course.

To spice things up, recording the event will almost certainly appeal to the Lion, who will doubtless watch it many times in appreciation of his fine acrobatics. Frequent compliments should be liberally inserted into the night’s proceedings; he’s likelier to remember your telling him how great he is, than the act itself.

What to expect on a Leo date

Leos like to live large, so pack some extra cabbage in your pocket before heading out to dinner. Although he probably can afford to pick up the tab, there’s no guarantee that he will offer to do so, as he is used to being wined and dined. Let him choose the restaurant and suggest your entrée. Going with his recommendations will earn you some points.

Dancing is a great way to get things lubricated with a Leo, as he will more likely than not have some kickin’ moves that will call a circle of spectators. Nothing puts him in the mood like drawing a crowd. Be careful taking him out to an all-boy club, however, or someone might steal him out from under you!

Don’t bother booking tickets for a movie or play; it’s not very likely that Leo will be happy getting lost in huge crowd or watching other people busy being stars. Instead, head for a cozy, intimate spot like a Rainbow coffeehouse, where he can rule the roost and then head out.

The most important guideline for dating the Leonine is to defer to his vanity. Don’t let his extroverted façade fool you; Leo needs constant affirmation to maintain his cheerful outlook on life. As long as everything’s going his way, he’s the nicest guy on the planet. Challenge his primacy, and your head might just get bitten off.

And not in a good way.

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Chopin didn't write any symphonies, bro.
#60 - SR - 04/13/2016 - 21:39
Leo's Response
I'm not a Leo, but having known one for a while; I had to laugh at some of the Leo responses. They were so on-target Leo. And don't take that the wrong way boys. You're truly adorable.
#59 - Aries - 03/07/2016 - 23:48
The Lion
I think what this article means when they say attention wh*** is that we enjoy to be attended complimented or even thought about... When giving a gift it's the thought that counts..I find myself very susceptible to flattering but it makes me feel warm and uncomfortable at the same time there are very humble Leos out there who don't need to steal attention.
#58 - Daniel - 04/09/2015 - 19:12
Someone literally watched my life for a month and wrote an article about it.
Except for the movies part. I like movies and plays xD
#57 - Kyle - 01/13/2015 - 23:47
Totally but not totally
I can see myself relating to this in many ways. It blows my mind that something on here could relate to my life. Most of the stuff about being a Leo is true. But I don't seek for the attention. My friends tell me I give off a friendly vibe. And I'm not the kind of person who gets wined and dined? I've lived through a point in my life where 5 dollars was how much I could spend in a week. I've never been in a relationship. As much as I would love it. I do have to focus on my academics. I sound so cheesy and maybe stupid. But yeah.
#56 - Edgar - 12/22/2014 - 04:34

I\'m truly not attention !@#$%, it suddenly come my way. Drama queen may be, but hardly be around it. Faithful lover, I am. An larger that life person, he\'ll yeah. We must always live our life like it\'s our last. Go big or go home.
#55 - Lawson - 09/08/2014 - 14:54
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