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Gay Cancer Dating: The Hermit

Gay Cancer Love Dating

Gay Cancer Dating: The Hermit

Cancer doesn’t mean to be defensive; it just comes naturally. Moody, introspective, and private, the Crab can be harder to get close to than any other sign. Inside of that crusty exterior is a deep, sensitive soul who will care about you more than anyone you’ve ever met, if you can only gain his trust.

Once he grabs you he may never let go; the stalker factor is fairly high for the Crab. Good listeners, especially, may find that their hot date with Cancer turns into a tear-jerking therapy session before anything else interesting gets jerked.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancers are known to be highly menstrual, although you’d never know it from their stoic public face. In fact, you may have to pry his feelings from him with a pliers; but once you get him to come out of his shell, the outpouring of emotions may never cease.

You’ll have to troll the dark corners of bookstores, museums and the quiet beaches at sundown, if your heart is set on scoring a Cancer. Disdaining crowds, you’ll find that they are happier remaining alone than in room full of phonies. You’ll want to be very careful with Cancers you meet in a support group context, as they are sure to bring a bundle of baggage.

The majority of Crabs, however, are allergic to drama and avoid messy scenes like the plague. The type who’d rather break up than cheat, you’ll know it’s over with Cancer because he’ll be suddenly gone and you’ll have a brief message to that effect in your e-mail.

Dating a Cancer is best reserved for those who have the stamina for an emotional roller coaster, a relationship prone to be more heart-to-heart than body-to-body. Far better suited to be a life partner than a casual fling, he will love you as long as you let him.
How To Attract Gay Cancer

Cancers have a Florence Nightingale complex-they need to feel needed, and love to play caretaker. To land a Crab, be vulnerable and emotionally available. Crabs are often very lonely individuals, but once they form a connection, they can be on you like glue on a collage.

Getting him talking can be tough. Cancers aren’t much help in keeping a conversation rolling, nor do they make a very eager audience for the antics of an attention hog. You’ll find they have a cautious and conservative view on many topics, and it’s best not to make too many assumptions. Sore spots can be many, and the Crab is a natural dissident from popular opinions. Probe out his attitudes before declaring yourself too strongly, or you may unknowingly wind up making a fool of yourself in his eyes.

To impress Gay Cancer, get involved in community activities like prevention awareness and helping the homeless; you’ll do some good while pulling his heartstrings. Don’t try to be holier-than-thou about it, though, or you’ll lose his respect.
Gay Cancer Quirks and Erogenous Zones

Your first physical move on a Cancer should be a friendly, brotherly shoulder hug which lightly tickles his chest. As things start to get heavier, pay special attention to his nipples and linger along his ribs until you have him the approximate texture of putty.

Once you’ve gotten past that often awkward first kiss, you’ll find that Cancer has an eager and masterful tongue, so make the most of the make-out session. Oral delights aplenty await the lucky sailor who nets a Crab, and marathon sessions are definitely not a problem.

What to expect on an Cancer date

The very best place to take Cancer is a secluded, white-sand beach. If your plans keep you land-locked, book a table at a modest, candle-lit café. The Crab tends not to be partial to PDA, so keep your hands to yourself until you have a little more privacy.

Movies are a great bet with Cancer, but let him pick the movie, as it can be easy to make a mistake with this. With any luck, he’ll pick a heart-wrenching coming of age flick with erotic overtones about the bonding of buddies, but if you suggest something along these lines, you may be seen as overly aggressive.

The hardest part of dating inscrutable Cancer will be getting a handle on where you stand. He’s not going to pin his feelings on his sleeve for you. You’ll have to probe gently and pay close attention to nonverbal cues before being bold enough to suggest his place for a nightcap.

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Maybe it's the Rising sign influence?
Nothing against your evaluation skills, but this just isn't me, as a Cancer. But I have a Rising Leo sign, so that may be why I'm happier to be in the spotlight, and more forward and sexual in relatjonships.
#94 - Zac - 05/12/2016 - 09:14
I am a cnacer man and I find all of what you say dsiturbing your not al all true we are complex like any other and yes the moon part of what we are. but you not really your way off man I am a loving carig being I am also very fair and love a good debate I dont shy away I say what I mean. I dont do BS and I think you dont really know me or Cancerians at all;
#93 - Jay - 12/29/2015 - 01:48
Send this to my soulmate!
Despite every persons individual personalities this pretty much hit the nail.. Impressive! Imma true to life cancer and I seen myself all throughout the synopsis.. Although I sometimes like being the center of attention and I can talk a lot I enjoy my time alone and sex is not nearly as important as a heart to heart.. Even tho sex is important. And that tongue comment? Yass! Jus ask shawty whose house I just left! I'm bookmarking this.
#92 - Anthony - 12/12/2014 - 09:27
Yup.... So... So... True!!!!
The only thing I disagree with is, As a Cancer... We put 110% into a relationship and we give and give until we can give no more.... But we don't just say good-bye in an email. We try to communicate about our feelings and work things out and we go until that relationship has exhausted all possible ways to make it work.
Cancers are often misunderstood as we do and give with our hearts.
Also, When we say we want to be left alone to our loved ones, We really do "not" want to be left alone...
#91 - Austin - 10/28/2014 - 01:12
This is pretty true
I'm a cancerian as I call it :) and this pretty much sums me up the bits i like and the bits I don't like. :) nice one.
#90 - Daniel Davis - 09/25/2014 - 13:33
Great comments!
Your comments are great! I have my partner Cancer and I suspect her all the time. I think it\'s time to move on to the reality that Cancers really are completely honest. ;-)
#89 - Second Appearance - 08/29/2014 - 05:00
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