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Gay Aries: Lust. Attraction. Red Bull.

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The Gay Aries Lover: What are you getting into?

The gay Aries man exudes pure emotional intensity and is always on the hunt for a new and exciting love conquest. Beware of he sets his sights on you, he has explosives.

Watch out boys he'll chew you up.

Fighting off an approach from a gay Aries is like trying to protect your privacy against the patriot act, resistance is futile. You can try to resist his unique style of in-your-face charm and you may even succeed, but you will be kicking your own ass later for not hopping on the Vespa.

...he's a man eater.

If you do find yourself spending a night with an Aries male you should expect on remembering about half of the experience. It will go so fast and end so quick you will be lucky to make it into his email list.

In spite of the meticulously honed aggression and confidence the gay Aries portrays, he can also be very vulnerable. So what is the Aries kryptonite? Innocence and submission. Aries believes in the Drew Barrymore of Adam Sandler movies. If you can convince an Aries that you are pure of heart and soul you just might be able to get a copy of the AmEx.

Aries men usually carry a fantasy checklist in their wallets and are waiting for the oppurtunity to cross another one off. An Aries man won't mess around when he wants to get it on. You will know. You also won't likely get much say in how it will be going down. An Aries man will take control and you will be forced to give in or call the cops.

Good luck with that.

What to expect on an aries date

What to expect on an Aries Date:

- Mass quantities of Red Bull or speed.
- Drum and Bass or Jungle.
- Clubs and bars followed by a bar and a club. Hey DJ.
- Non-stop seduction. That never stops.
- Lots of ackward introductions with old "friends".
- Lots of great introductions to potentially new friends.
- Not spending a nickel, unless you get a defective one.
- Possibility of 3 or 4 ways.
- Sex in any location that you replied you haven't had it.
- A "Need for Speed" inspired ride home.

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dont hate on the Aries
this is my first time reading my signs im not into all that but damn there right tho i can be all about and my goals, but if i do find a person who still has some light in them ill be loyal to the death , even tho i have been burn over and over so for me its not being selfish. F.Y.I im a giver all day in bed
#120 - urpapichulo9 - 02/06/2015 - 15:23
Oh my...
I admit as an Aries,that I am often intense,arrogant,passionate and positively unable to back down from a challenge.It seems you tried to "fix" your Aries into something less aries like and lost him.Your bitterness is apparent and what an aries hates almost as much as an outright lie is manipulation.Honor and loyalty are the roots of love to us.We would kill for those we love and never forgive a love who betrays us.
#119 - Robert Alpy - 01/12/2015 - 14:45
Bitter & Biased
I will admit that we Aries can be selfish (but then who isn't?), but we are not the complete heartless sluts this article slanders us as. As least this Aries isn't. I look at a person's heart, and once I fall, I'm loyal and faithful to a fault. Yes, we are spicy in private. We are also loyal to those who respect our independence. Try to cage an Aries, and he will run. Whoever wrote this drivel of an article needs to quit letting his/her personal bitterness slant what they write.
#118 - John - 11/17/2014 - 21:36
I am in a relationship with an aries. I don't know how I pinned him down or kept him excited... we're polar opposites, but there's a lot of passion and tension. Sex is good, too. If you can communicate and compromise, I think Arie's guys are loving, loyal partners.
#117 - Josh - 10/20/2014 - 14:41
Not the best rendition
This paints the Aries man as a total slut, and a sex maniac. Aries men are loyal if you win their hearts, and they'll always be in your corner. Their friendship and love is unbounded, and as long as you are flexible and understand they just flirt, they'll typically come home to eat. Aries are about excitement, and adventure. Yes, sexual conquest is part of their agenda as well, but it's not the only thing on their minds. I can't say I agree with this description. I wonder of the author has let personal feelings cloud objectivity.
#116 - Astrologer PM - 09/19/2014 - 15:50
Selfish Aires
I find Aires men to be just about the muct selfish muther!@#$%ers there are.Its all about them,..too self -absorbed.
#115 - Richard - 04/12/2014 - 11:27
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