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Homostrology Friends and Lovers Report

Click here to download a sample Friends and Lovers Report.

These reports are uniquely designed to give you a guided tour of your relationship.

The 'Friend & lovers' calculates a personal horoscope. It will compare both you and your partners results in detail, and then provide an in-depth profile of what is currently happening within the relationship, this astrologically is made specificity for the both of you.

The 'Friend & lovers' report is written into four different elements, which looks at the relationship from both perspectives.


Do you have a hard time getting close to someone? These questions are all answered in this report through your birth chart.

The report will explore you approach towards the relationship from a general aspect. For example, in-depth details of your personal traits. This will help explain how your traits effect all your relationship from your old childhood friend, family and even business associates.


These same questions will also be answered in the other person's chart. This will also help you to identify what the other person bring to the relationship, are they helping or hindering it?


find out how you connect, unambiguously, with the other person: How do your two charts merge together to explain the feelings you are experiencing right now.


Learn how this person strongly relates to you. How will you two get along and most importantly what role does each person play? With these results you can conclude if your relationship will be long term or short term.

The answers to these questions are for-nominal, and more and more people are startled to find out just how revealing their Friend or Loved one really are.

Getting your 'Friends & lovers' report done to day will be an interesting journey to take. Lets find out where both you and your partner stand within this relationship today by taking our test.

Important Note: Sorry, at the moment I can't take order for this report. I will let you know when we can run this report again.


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