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Homostrology® Community Guidelines

Homostrology® is an online community in which participants discuss gay astrology. Like any other community, we have a core set of principles that must be followed by all members. Your use of Homostrology® is subject to the Homostrology® Community Guidelines below:


Share what you know

Chances are, someone could benefit from your knowledge, opinions, or personal experiences. Sharing what you know is one of many ways you can make a positive contribution to the community.

Be courteous

Homostrology® is host to a community of people with diverse opinions. To ensure our community is the best it can be for all members please respect others how you would like to be respected.


Behaving maliciously

Please don't post links to sites that contain malicious programs or viruses that will cause harm to others computers.

Venting ranting or hate speech

The Homostrology® website isn't a soapbox to vent personal frustrations or rant about issues. We are a community of people with diverse beliefs, opinions, and backgrounds, so please be respectful and keep hateful and incendiary comments off Homostrology®.

Violating the law

Members of Homostrology® are not above the law, so don't post anything that violates the laws of your country, state, province, or city. Don't try to trick people into sharing their personal information, steal anything (like copyright or trademark material), or break into places you shouldn't be. Don't threaten, harass, impersonate, or hurt others, and don't invade other people's privacy.

Doing harm

Be responsible and don’t misrepresent yourself, claim false credentials or expertise or give advice in a way that might cause someone harm. Don’t incite or advocate violence or harmful practices.


Contributions to Homostrology®

By submitting ideas, suggestions, documents, and/or proposals ("Contributions") to Homostrology® through our website, you acknowledge and agree that: (a) your Contributions do not contain confidential or proprietary information; (b) Homostrology® is not under any obligation of confidentiality, express or implied, with respect to the Contributions; (c) Homostrology® shall be entitled to use or disclose (or choose not to use or disclose) such Contributions for any purpose, in any way, in any media worldwide; (d) Homostrology® may have something similar to the Contributions already under consideration or in development; (e) your Contributions automatically become the property of Homostrology® without any obligation of Homostrology® to you; and (f) you are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement of any kind from Homostrology® under any circumstances

Age Restriction

Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to use, contribute nor establish communication with other Homostrology® users.

We reserve the right to revise these guidelines at any time and without notice.


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