Happiness Is A Choice?

Hello, darlings. How are you all doing today? Fabulous, I hope. Today we’re going to talk about happiness.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Happiness is a choice,” and if you’re anything like me you probably rolled your eyes when you heard it. How can you be happy when Lucas just dumped you for the cute guy he fancies at the coffee shop? How can you be happy when Rupaul’s Drag Race never replies to your audition tape? It’s tough be happy when so many things go wrong every single day.

So, how in the world can happiness be a choice?

Well you cheeky devils, if you really think about it, happiness is a choice! I’m not saying it’s possible to be happy all of the time, but I am saying that you can choose the things that you get upset about. For example, the other day someone cut in front of me in line at the grocery store. I could have easily let that upset me and ruin the rest of the day, but I chose happiness.

Instead of getting mad, I decided to pick up one of those dirty tabloids and read about how Ke$ha was allegedly born with a tail. If that person hadn’t skipped me in line, I would have never known this valuable information. Do you realise how great of a conversation starter that is? Next time you are with a group of friends, ask them if they knew Ke$ha had a tail when she was born and see what they say.

Now obviously that person skipping me in line was just a minor inconvenience. There will be days where something really bad happens and it’s going to be hard to “choose” happiness. You’re going to want to be mad the whole day but that’s just the thing, my dears! You want to be mad the rest of the day. You want to sulk and make people feel bad for you.

There is a difference between want and need. Why would you want to be miserable for the rest of day? Do you know how many opportunities you pass up that way? Being happy makes everyone around you happy. It creates this positive energy that follows you around the rest of the day. You start to notice the little things in life and you focus less on all the crap. Being a positive and happy person will open so many doors for you.

Next time someone cuts you off in traffic or the next time your boyfriend drinks the last of the milk without asking, don’t get upset! Go to the store, buy a new carton of a milk and a big box of sugar filled cereal and make you a big bowl of happiness.

Choose happiness and stop wanting to be miserable.

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