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The Rich and Famous LGBT Billionaires

Hi Darlings! Today we’re gonna talk about money, money, money (is so funny.. in a rich man’s world) It’s a new month again which means I have to pay rent, buy groceries, not-to-mention a new facial treatment! All these finance issues got me digging into a lot of day dreaming. I came across this article in Forbes about the world’s wealthiest LGBTs. You’ll actually be shocked that most of them are NOT from the fashion industry. Here are my two cents for those hunkalicious moguls.

Peter Thiel
Here’s someone who I would personally like to thank for his huge part in making my life easier! Peter is the cofounder of Paypal (which he later sold to eBay), owning up to 700 million dollars of profit. He’s also openly gay. Besides making the world of shopping a better place, Peter also participates as an outside investor of Facebook. According to him, being gay has contributed much to his success. Clearly, the man understands the importance of shopping has successfully done something about it.
Birthday: October 11, 1967
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Tim Gill
It’s amazing how Tim Gill turned a $2000 loan (from his parents) into a multi-billion dollar software company we all know as Quarks. After selling 50% of his shares, he has dedicated his time and life into the LGBTQ Activism, funding various charitable institutions with the profits from his business. I personally think it’s cute and at the same time manly of him. There are haters of gay men as much as there are haters of ordinary people. Well, Tim Gill can most certainly kick their butts!
Birthday: October 18, 1953
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes? Do you really not know who Chris Hughes is? Oh, for the love of Facebook, he was college roommates with Mark Zuckerberg! Back in its primary years, Chris was co-founder and spokesperson of the popular social media network. The man earns a lot just by opening his mouth, a job we all want to have (rawr!) As of 2013, his value was up to 800 million dollars. Chris now works as the editor-in-chief for The New York Republic and is happily married to the man of his dreams, Sean Elridge. Jealous much?
Birthday: November 26, 1983
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Michael Kors
Hold your mouth darling! I know I mentioned no fashion giants in this post, but I just can’t resist talking about Michael Kors. Don’t you just adore his work? Well, the good news for us is, we pretty much dominate the industry. (The girls just can’t survive without us) The bad news is, the fashion world basically acts like a billionaires club, and they’re only giving out a few golden tickets. Michael Kors was a fortunately talented designer who surpassed his bankruptcy in 1993. After his comeback in 2004, he was able to rise to the top and raised profits worth $20 billion dollars as of today.
Birthday: August 9, 1959
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Jann Wenner
Oh dear. Here’s another inspiring yet emotional breakthrough. Wenner is the genius behind famous magazine Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal and US Weekly. Yeah, yeah, he’s awesome, we know. But what’s the twist? He was married to a woman. Yes, Jann had some issues coming out of the closet. After his breakup in 1995, he started dating a man and the rest was history. It didn’t seem to affect his career since he’s still worth more than $700 million. To top it off, his friends merely commented that they knew about his sexuality ever since the 60’s.
Birthday: January 7, 1946
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Tim Cook
Last 2014, this Apple CEO publicly came out about his sexuality. Not that he’s been hiding or anything since those who knew him personally knew about it, but Cook explained that he simply wanted to encourage other gay men to step out of their self-created shadows and be proud of who they are. Coming from the chief officer of one of the most successful corporations, this definitely says a lot about what we can achieve if we just put our minds into it.
Birthday: November 1, 1960
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

David Geffen
Last 2007, he bagged the top spot in Out Magazine’s Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America. Now known as one of the most powerful CEO in the entire world, Geffen started out from humble beginnings. His secret? A fake UCLA degree. Yes, you read it right. David falsified his documents to get a mailroom job. After that, he earned his way into the corporate world now owning approximately $1 billion Apple stocks, Asylum and Geffen Records, and DreamWorks movie studio. His net worth amounts to almost $7 billion.
Birthday: February 21, 1943
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

See darlings? There’s nothing we can’t do if we only put our minds into it. We have the advantageous balance of both male and female characteristics, giving us the needed attitude to succeed. So don’t be intimidated by what society might be telling you. Remember darlings, you’re meant for greater things that is why so many people will be trying to pull you down. So keep those eyes open and keep that wallet in check!