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Homostrology Birthday Reports

Click here to download a sample Birthday Report.

Let’s face it, we all have birthdays, and those of us who love astrology will enjoy finding out what exciting things are going to happen in the year ahead.

This report will chart the what was happening in the solar system when you were born, making these reports very detailed because it relates to wherever you happen to be right now.

This is a full report, which is easy to read, covers all of the major planetary categories with a full descriptions.

Your Birthday Report includes:

  • Detailed day-by-day calendar of the coming year. Each day is illustrated with an image. These images help you get “a feel for,” the astro-event on a specific day.

Solar Return Chart

  • The meanings for planets in signs, houses, and aspects
  • The meanings for Solar Return Planets making conjunctions with Natal Planets & Asc, MC

One years events showing

  • Transits of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars to the Solar Return chart
  • Progressed Solar Return Moon to Solar Return points
  • Progressed Solar Return Moon to Natal points
  • Solar Return's MC & Asc Progressed by Daily Houses to conjunctions of Natal chart
  • Solar Return's MC & Asc Progressed by Daily Houses to conjunctions of Solar Return

A guide to beneficial strenghts to major cities around the world

  • Showing particular strengths for the Solar Return to specific cities for business, spirituality and career

Important Note: Sorry, at the moment I can't take order for this report. I will let you know when we can run this report again.


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