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Welcome to the new®

Homostrology® is the place for all your gay horoscopes and astrology.

Hello and Welcome, my Darlings! You've come to the right place; as long as you're a gay man, that is. Though our team admires the work of astrologers who have come before to bring vague predictions of fortune and famine to the huddled masses, closer inspection revealed their work was sadly devoid of humorous phallic references.® is devoted satisfying the special astrology needs of the gay community and committed to a better understanding of nuanced issues regarding the needs of the gay lion, the gay scorpion, the gay twins.  We have the most talented homoastrosexologists working round the clock to bring you the most current findings in the field.

We'll seduce you with entertainment and fill you with knowledge.  So if you need a horoscope to help plan your week, or just want to figure out how best to seduce your man of the moment, explore!  And enjoy! 

Your Astrologer of Dorothy,

Pen Vassar Homostrology


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